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The company’s MSS projects supported a six-star hospitality group that was greatly affected by the pandemic.

Insightz Technology’s expertise in Cybersecurity, Gartner Magic Quadrant technologies, and their patent-pending Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) for predictive and early detection capability, has garnered the Cybersecurity Award in the IT Services category in this year’s Singapore Business Review (SBR) Technology Excellence Awards.

The company’s client, which is a six-star hospitality group based in Singapore, was experiencing low occupancy rates due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

By far, traditional Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) have suffered from huge investments in core technologies. Moreover, they needed to maintain an army of analysts that demonstrate good analytical skills and proven experience in incident handling.

Faced with the dynamism of the threat landscape where threat actors will employ new TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures), MSSPs have the responsibility to constantly update core technologies, add toolsets and train the analysts. Unfortunately, these things require a high-cost structure and maintenance to deploy successfully.

Leveraging their patent-pending Artificial Intelligence (AI) for predictive capability analysis, Insightz reduced it’s human capital considerably by keeping abreast with the ever-changing TTPs and stayed ahead in the curve for detection and more importantly in responses to high-impact incidents.

Insightz measured the project’s success by defining clearly the project milestones in their 30/60/90 day success plan. This plan defines the operational goals in three main areas:

a. Deployment. Depending on the number of companies’ assets to be monitored, Insightz typically completed their deployment for up to three weeks. In the case of this project, they implemented their monitoring agents across all 600 assets within a week.

b. Qualification. The company assessed the customer’s environment before they qualified them to enter into the monitoring phase. This was to help “sweep the swamp” to ensure that there were no active or malicious activities in the environment or evidence of previous compromise(s).

Additionally, the visibility from this assessment allowed the company’s analysts to familiarise themselves with the customer’s security environment and provide actionable recommendations to bolster security posture, thereby reducing the risk of future compromise.

This insight into the customer’s environment often proved invaluable, where Insightz adopted a proactive approach in understanding their customer’s current security and recommending relevant and effective security strategies.

c. Monitoring. The clear value of an MSSP is to reduce alert fatigue from the IT / SecOps team so that only relevant and high priority tickets are escalated and alerted to the customers.

Upon monitoring, Insightz analysts conducted a 24x7x365 SLA-based analysis and incident response for high priority tickets with report findings. Oftentimes, their predictive AI has often successfully provided early detection even before the existing endpoint security protection could pick up any signs of a compromise.

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